Critical acclaim for Polygon:

"Canadian  composer and reed player Erik Hove sets the bar extremely high for contemporary jazz composition... Given its creativity, execution, and vision, Polygon is one of the finest and most intriguing albums of the year."

-Chris Robinson, Point of Departure

"Truly a sonic journey worth the undertaking, painted with lush polyphonic harmonies, offering atmospheres and grooves and dialogues, even surprises, that are sure to captivate even the less courageous listeners, Polygon is another consistent step towards defining a career that isn't just about making music, but focused on making a noticeable musical contribution."  

- Pascal-Denis Lussier, All About Jazz

"Erik Hove is a musician of startling persistence and ambition, as ready to challenge himself as his listeners... He has an increasingly assured and innovative command of his complex materials, happily mixing microtonal chords, machine-like arpeggios and complex rhythms." - Stuart Broomer, The Whole Note

"Erik Hove est parfaitement en contrôle de la matière sonore qu’il tire de ses acolytes et le résultat est aussi original que réussi."

[Erik Hove is perfectly in control of the sonic material that he pulls from his associates and the result is as unique as it is accomplished.]

- Réjean Beaucage, Voir

"Erik Hove’s 2014 release Saturated Colour was pretty damn intriguing. His newest shows that quality to be a mainstay of his music."

- Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

"Like a master chef or a skilful alchemist, Erik Hove skilfully mixes elements from the worlds of modern jazz, contemporary classical and ambient electronic to create a music that would please enthusiasts from all worlds mentioned." - Sylvain Richard, SMR Culture Plus

"Judging from CDs like [Polygon] it’s evident that no matter what it’s called the admixture of improvised and notated concepts still has a place in forward-looking music." - Ken Waxman, Jazz Word

"Erik Hove is certainly an innovator and “Polygon” again showcases his band-leading skills.  Each track sounds fantastic and Hove is more commanding of the tonal pallet of spectralism than on his last effort." - Donovan Burtan, positivelyunderground

"Fans of Anthony Braxton’s music for mid-sized ensembles will find a lot to like here." - Craig Premo, improvised

"Alongside a band of equally ambitious musicians, Erik Hove has merged influences from the world of spectral music to craft something truly unique for his sophomore record, Polygon." - Owen Maxwell, Cult MTL

Critical acclaim for Saturated Colour:

"An exciting session... Just as likely to appeal to fans of Henry Threadgill as it is fans of the Peggy Lee Group or Mark Feldman." Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

"Adventurous music-making of a high order." - Glen Hall, Exclaim!

"Rigorous in design yet open to spontaneity, Erik Hove’s music is a great adventure in sound, and a must-hear for those with open minds and ears." - Marc Chenard, La Scena Musicale

"Écriture complexe mais fluide, d’autant plus propice aux impros collectives ou individuelles" 

[The writing is complex yet fluid, and is augmented by the collective and individual improvisation]

- Alain Brunet, La Presse

"Hove makes beautiful use of the combination of woodwinds and strings… an intriguing CD whose subtle charms reveal themselves through repeated listens." - Craig Premo, improvised

"Listening to the disc, I can't compare it to any other ensemble since it is beyond the usual categories… they are in a class of their own." 

- Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"Hove the soloist is clearly an improviser who thrives on complex support, and Hove the composer is adept at supplying it." - Stuart Broomer, Whole Note

"From his unique chord structures and technical solos to his intense meter and ensemble sound, Hove really captures everything the modern jazz listener is looking for." - Donovan Burtan, Total Eclipse, CKUT